simplyo natural glow toner
Natural Glow Toner 140ml
Natural Glow Toner 140ml
Natural Glow Toner 140ml
Natural Glow Toner 140ml
Natural Glow Toner 140ml
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Natural Glow Toner 140ml

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About the product

Simplyo's Natural Glow Toner is rich in vitamins and minerals and is made up of 83% Sea Buckthorn Extracts, also known as the "vitamin tree". Naturally-derived nutrients permeate the skin as it is, helping to soften and smooth the texture of the skin and to create a bright complexion that gives off a healthy glow from the inside.

Two kinds of natural moisturizing ingredients moisturize deep into the skin and make the skin calm and moist from the first stage of basic skin care.

Product points

Vitamin tree extract 83%

Contains 2 types of natural moisturizing ingredients

Bright complexion with 5 kinds of white flower ingredients

Smooth texture

Healthy skin with 91% naturally derived ingredients

Recommended usage!

After washing your face, gently wipe off the water.

Place an appropriate amount on your hands or cotton and spread it over your face.

Tap lightly to absorb it firmly.
TIP  It is even more effective when finished with natural glow serum and cream.


Table of ingredients

Vitamin tree water,Glycerin,Dipropylene glycol,Butylene glycol,Glyceres-26,1,2-Hexanediol,Betaine,Hyaluronate Na,Purslane extract,Peony root extract,Lily of the valley extract,Magnolia flower extract,Morning glory extract,Madonna Lily Flower Extract,Polyglyceryl laurate-10,Polyglyceryl myristate-10,Allantoin,Arginine,Carbomar,Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid,Ethylhexyl glycerin,Bergamot fruit oil,Linalool, Limonene

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

The subtle lemon scent is good, and it's not too watery, so it's perfect to use as a skin.

It's my favorite

It's good because the skin is not sticky and absorbs into the skin.


It smells like vitamins and it applies well. It's moist and doesn't feel slippery.

Super hydrating, gentle, and cruelty-free toner with sea buckthorn extracts.

I have been using sea buckthorn products for several years, and have even taken a sea buckthorn oil supplement fairly regularly. It's a great substance that increases hydration throughout your body, so it even helps conditions like dry eye. So of course it's perfect for skincare products, too. 83% of this SimplyO Natural Glow toner is made up of sea buckthorn extracts. It is super hydrating and it feels great on my face. It is also very gentle. I have sensitive skin, and this product hasn't bothered it at all. There is a bit of viscosity to this toner, so it's easy to apply with my hands, which I prefer. Best of all, it's not only 100% cruelty-free, it's even certified as such by PETA, so you can trust that it's never tested on animals! YAY!!

I definitely recommend this toner, especially since it is so affordable. It's great for any skin type or budget!

I hope that sharing my experience with this product might help YOU make a more informed purchase. Happy shopping!

for $17 this is pretty good

i think this serum is better than most of the stuff available at drugstores and then some, especially for the $17 price tag. it’s not drying at all and it’s gentle enough for my slightly sensitive skin. it makes my serum absorb better and allows me to use slightly less product overall than if i had started with the serum. some toners feel like nothing after use and you don’t see any improvement or anything and it’s like you just misted with water, but i’ve been seeing improvements on my skin with daily use. it also works with my combination skin well and doesn’t add shine but still helps softening dry patches if i have any. recommend if you need a non irritating toner that has more properties than say rose water or micellar water.